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Dr. Zhou Annan Made Academic Report for Our Teachers and Students


Dr. Zhou Annan Made Academic Report for Our Teachers and Students


On the morning of December 2nd, Dr. Zhou Annan from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia made an academic report for our teachers and students, titled "Hydraulic and Mechanical Coupling Behavior of Unsaturated Soil and Its Elastoplastic Modeling ".


Dr. Zhou Annan, at first, introduced the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and his own research fields. During the report, he introduced some instability cases in unsaturated soil projects, such as collapse and slope instability; meanwhile, he recommended the latest applications of unsaturated soil projects in the fields of CO2 underground storage, nuclear waste, exploitation of methane hydrate, etc. Dr. Zhou analyzed the hydraulic property of unsaturated soil, including the principles of volume variation equations, moisture variation equations and yield surface equations and further extending method of parameters and constitutive model. The volume deformation, shear strength and yield stress of unsaturated soil are usually described by "stress-suction" model (such as Barcelona Basic Modeling, BBM). Dr. Zhou suggested using the "effective stress-saturation" model to describe the hydraulic and mechanical coupling behavior of unsaturated soil. Dr. Zhou started with building volume variation equation of unsaturated soil in the space of effective stress and effective saturation, and then described the nonlinear compression property of unsaturated soil under the condition of constant suction. Compression index of soil was interpolated between saturated state and drying state by effective saturation function. Based on the volume variation equation, Dr. Zhou deduced the yield surface equation and loading equation through theoretical framework of effective stress and effective saturation. Also, Dr. Zhou suggested that the hydraulic-mechanical hysteretic coupling equation could be introduced into the above theoretical framework for precisely describing the effective saturation variation of unsaturated soil under complicated loading condition. The three-dimensional yield surface equation and hydraulic-mechanical coupling constitutive relation of unsaturated soil can be deduced in the space of effective mean net stress, deviator stress and effective saturation, based on unsaturated soil volume variation equation, hydraulic-mechanical hysteresis coupled equation, MCC yield equation, etc. The study had further introduced sub-loading surface and uniform hardening parameter to model influence of different dry densities to hydraulic-mechanical coupling property of unsaturated soil. At last, Dr. Zhou applied a large amount of experimental data to verify effectiveness and practicability of the model.


In 2007, Dr. Zhou Annan got the Endeavour Awards and went to the Newcastle University in Australia for his doctor's degree. In 2011, he was hired as a lecturer by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology after obtaining his doctor's degree. Then he became the senior lecturer in 2014. In 2012, he got the Australia Research Council Outstanding Youth Fund. In 2014, he got the D.H. Trollope Medal of Australian Geotechnical Engineers Association. Dr. Zhou mainly researched on unsaturated soil mechanics and its coupling simulation.