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Professor Ma Xianfeng Made an Academic Report in SKLGP


Professor Ma Xianfeng Made an Academic Report in SKLGP


On the invitation of SKLGP geotechnical centrifuge laboratory, Professor Cai Zhengyin, Professor Hou Yujing and Professor Ma Xianfeng gave an impressed special lecture to the teachers and students of our laboratory. The professors are the only three Chinese members of Technical Committee Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (TC 104) of International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, hereinafter ISSMGE, among whom Professor Cai and Professor Hou are senior engineers at professor level. On the afternoon of November 17, Professor Ma, who is the director of geotechnical centrifuge laboratory of Tongji University, made an academic report titled “Discussion of Research on Soft Soil Engineering Centrifuge Modeling”.


In the report, Professor Ma firstly introduced the challenges in geotechnical engineering and physical modelling and then from the perspective of practical techniques, he mainly introduced excavation and support of soft foundation, tunnel excavation effect, compacted pile, and centrifugal model test of artificial island. In the test of soft foundation excavation and support, he elaborated the method of close down-excavate-start up, modelling excavation of removing liquid and manipulator excavated model; in the tunnel excavation effect, he introduced valve plate test, dunnage bag test, polystyrene foam test and organic solvent test, etc. As for compacted pile, he introduced the construction technology and process of reinforcement and rectification of sand compaction pile. At last, Professor Ma concluded that the modelling test result can be handled by numerical modeling, comparative analysis and comparing site data. Contrasting with complicated system, sometimes the simple effective devices can produce good result. And it is effective to excavate under the condition of 1g, but the difference between test and reality should be taken into consideration.


After the report, Professor Li Tianbin, Vice Professor Han Wenxi and all the postgraduates from our laboratory held heated discussion and communication with Professor Ma on some hot topics in centrifuge modelling test.


Professor Ma is the director of Geotechnical Centrifuge Laboratory of Tongji University, member of standing committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES) Division of Centrifuge, member of ISSMGE, and member of China Civil Engineering Society.