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Researcher Cai Zhengyin Made Academic Reports in Our Lab


Researcher Cai Zhengyin Made Academic Reports in Our Lab


Invited by our Geotechnical Centrifuge Laboratory, Professional-level Senior Engineer Cai Zhengyin, Professional-level Senior Engineer Hou Yujing and Professor Ma Xianfeng, the only three committee members of China Group of ISSMGE, TC104, made special academic lectures for our teachers and students in Conference Room 211. In the morning of November 18, Researcher Cai Zhengyin from the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute made an academic lecture, titled "Study on Liquefaction of Deep Overburdened Sand Foundation of Layer in High Seismic Intensity Area".


In the lecture, Researcher Cai Zhengyin firstly introduced the concept and major inner influencing factors of Sand Liquefaction, and he stressed that it was mainly influenced by the soil density and stress level on the premise of saturated loose sand. Subsequently, with the researching backgrounds of Yingliangbao Hydroelectric Station and Milin Hydroelectric Station, he modeled the dynamic characteristics of soil unit, local soil and foundation and substantial projects with certain boundaries by technical means of dynamic triaxial test, shaking table test, centrifugal modeling test and numerical analysis, and performed earthquake liquefaction discriminance on the base of tests and massive calculation. By replacing the overlying soil load by air bag loading in regular shaking table test, the results indicated that the mean shearing strain of soil was in the range of shearing strain threshold of soil dynamic pore water pressure response, and the acceleration responses in different depths didn't vary apparently with times. The results of centrifugal modeling test indicated that, in certain range, the acceleration of model would attenuate from bottom to top. Eventually, he came up with the state related theory of soil constitutive model.


After the report, Professor Ju Nengpan, Associate Professor Han Wenxi and present doctors and masters had lively discussion and exchange with Researcher Cai Zhengyin.


Researcher Cai Zhengyin is the Chief of Institute of Geotechnical Engineering of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, Executive Associate Editor of Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Council Member of ISSMGE, TC104, Council Member of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, Deputy Chief and Secretary General of Professional Committee of Rock and Soil Mechanics of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society. He has held more than 50 research projects, published lots of papers in academic periodicals both in and abroad, and published several books.