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Professor Pierre-Yves Hicher Made an Academic Report (2)


Professor Pierre-Yves Hicher Made an Academic Report (2)


On the afternoon of 9th November, Professor Pierre-Yves Hicher, who came from Ecoles Centrales in France, gave an academic lecture at the lecture hall 211 in SKLGP with the theme of “Experimental Soil Mechanics”.


In the lecture, Professor Pierre-Yves Hicher firstly emphasized the discontinuity of soil mass, pointed out the concept of representative earth volume (REV), which simplifies the soil mass from discontinuous medium to continuous medium, and whether it can be popularized to practical application as an experimental result. Then, Professor Hicher took Hostun sand as an example, expounding the deformation and strength properties of soil mass under the condition of isotropic compression. Next, he performed the curve of sand and clay solidification compression experiment. Taken void ratio, stress, axial strain and volumetric strain, etc. as indexes, he described the soil changes under solidification compression condition, and pointed out the critical index of soil yield. Finally, Professor Hicher showed the stress-strain curve and intensity-trend curve of normally consolidated soil under tri-axial test condition. By choosing different parameters and comparing various experiment results, he introduced the methods to dig deep into the properties of soil.


The report by Professor Pierre-Yves Hicher revealed an important content in Advanced Soil Mechanics, which is critical state soil mechanics. After report, present teachers and students held a heated discussion.


The famous geo-mechanic specialist Pierre-Yves Hicher is now a lifetime professor of Ecole Centrale Paris, who acts as the associate editor of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) international journal, and wins the special secondary professor of French top academic honor. Professor Hicher received a doctor degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris, France, in 1979; and got a doctorate in physics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, France, in 1985; and he successively holds the posts of TA, associate professor and professor. His position includes part-time science consultant in France Mechanic Material Research Department, researcher in Earth-Structure-Material Laboratory of French National Center for Scientific Research; director of France Nantes -Saint-Nazaire Civil Engineering Laboratory; director of Civil Engineering Mechanics Research Institute of French National Center for Scientific Research; visiting professor of MIT and etc. The research areas of Professor Hicher involves many modern geotechnical engineering frontier areas like size effect of soil particles, movement of soil particles, cyclic loading and rheologic property of  soil  and so on.