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Academician He Jishan Visited Our Laboratory and Made an Academic Report


Academician He Jishan Visited Our Laboratory and Made an Academic Report


On the afternoon of November 6, Academician He Jishan from Chinese Academy of Engineering visited our Laboratory. Professor Huang Runqiu detailed the monitoring and early warning & decision support system for geological disaster, advanced soil mechanics laboratory, rocks high temperature and high pressure laboratory, large civil engineering centrifuge laboratory, large testing device for collapse, landslide and debris-flow modeling, geological structure laboratory, unmanned aerial vehicle and other devices and equipment, and he discussed related questions with Academician He JiShan.


At 4:00 p.m., Academician He Jishan made a special report, titled “Wide Field Electromagnetic Method and Its Application”, in the Academic Report Hall, invited by the Key Lab of Earth Exploration & Information Techniques of Ministry of Education, State Key Laboratory of Geo-hazard Prevention and Geo-environment Protection and Professional Committee of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration of Sichuan Geological Society. Teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates involved in this subject had attended the report, which was held by Feng Wenkai, the Deputy Chief of State Key Laboratory of Geo-hazard Prevention and Geo-environment Protection.


In the report, Academician He had elaborated the background and definition of Wide Field Electromagnetic Method, its advantage compared with the conventional electromagnetic prospecting method, and its application in practical production, etc. At first, he introduced the theoretical basis to the students, elaborated the features of 2n Pseudo-random Signal and the Wide Field Visual Resistivity Method which is the new  calculating method for the Earth Visual Resistivity, and he introduced the Multi-frequency Sampling Technique in Artificial Source Electromagnetic Method, which can promote working efficiency and sampling accuracy of every adjacent frequency signals. Later, he explained that the Wide Field Electromagnetic Method wouldn’t be affected by near field effect with lots of calculating results of theory modeling, and the WFEM can realize relatively large depth of exploration with a short send and receive distance in practical work. At last, he introduced application examples of WFEM, and he indicated that the WFEM can be effectively applied in the fields of mineral resources exploration, conventional oil-gas exploration, unconventional oil-gas exploration, engineering environmental exploration, etc.