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 The lab communicates and cooperates with the others viaaccesses, in order to enlarge its influence .And it is also trying to make the good academic atmosphere and researching circumstance. With these opportunities ,the lab has already attracted many excellent people to work here and do some researches. In 1992our lab established an opening fund with the help of the department of the geology and mining, and the original total of money is 10 million RMB, During the period from 1998 to 2003due to the rectifying of the policythe sponsors stopped the aiding for a period. In such a tough situation, the lab began to arrange the fund by itself to meet the essential need for the lab's regular operating. After 2003,with the help of the university, the opening fund was established. The annual fund increased to 20 million RMB. At the end of 2005there were 70 research programs admitted by the lab, the amount  is 150 million RMB. In order to make full use of the opening fund, our lab has already written a manual to the opening programs, and encouraged all the counterparts to bring in the great programs. The process of the application isSent the application form, wait for the expertise to assess, and then confirmed by the academic committee, to run by the lab's headmaster.
    The application for the 2007's opening founding has already started, We welcome all of the staffs to come and do researches here.
    Contact Runqiu Huang, Qiang Xu, Qin Li
    Address 1 # east 3rd road Erxian bridge, Chengdu ,Sichuan
    Zip-code 610059
    Phone number 028-84078953,  84077988,  84078874
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