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Operating by the computer
    In order to make the management of the lab runs efficiently. The lab has invested bulks of money to build the facilities, and become realizing the paper-free office.
    Facilities:The lab is almost realized the net-connection between the lab and some relative offices .And applied for a international high standard website in 1999 which is, and also made accesses to the ftp, e-mail and the forum section. Each member has his own account.
    Information managing system:with the help of net systems,we uploaded the lab’s basis data onto the website, including the members information、the titles of the projects、the scholarships of he researches、the application form for the opening fund、the publications、books、and the students information.The system also provided a function to search, index and estimate the data.
    Releasing and managing news & events system:The lab can bulletin the news on the lab and the meeting information, including the on-line registration function of some big exchange academic seminars.
    The informational management:We send e-mails and do some basis office works such as sending and receiving the fax, and arrange some meeting and lecture all through the net system which was built by the lab.
    In all, with making great effort to build the facilities, the lab almost realized the paper free working environment, provided more convenient ways to the members to make more big progress.
   Managing and operating the facility
    (1)The experimental apparatus are handled by certain members who take charge of the section of managing. And follow the university’s rules to borrow and fix the experimental apparatus.
    (2)The lab has sent the right people to operate some big machines and equipments, and fix them as well. The people should ensure the equipments running smoothly, arrange the schedules of the experiments, and assist the other members to use the software.
    (3)The research members try to combine their specialized knowledge to develop some operating soft wares which are used in the lab. Our lab has a special rule on the management of the high class equipment(cost of 0.5 million RMB):the skilled people in the lab is charging the lab’s each day’s running and the residential is charging the developing the function and the application technology of the equipments. With the 2 parts working together, the lab is running very effectively.
    (4)Before using these equipments and soft wares, the research man had to be familiar with the handbook of the guidance to the using steps. If the equipments are out of work, you should inform the manager first. If the research man want to develop the soft ware and rebuild some equipments, he has to get the allowance made by the manager .Anyone who breaks the equipment or the software should obey the rules to make the financial compensate.
    (5)The manager should monitor the operating process and solve every problem they’ve met. There is another task to be record data of the equipments and do some estimates on the filed’s information. If necessary,the managers have to make some lab using rules. Because we can find out some deficiencies in the rules and make it more complicate.